picture by Vassilis Pliatsikas

My name is Christina Perraki aka Mrs FauxBilicious. I live on the beautiful island of Crete, Greece with my husband and two sons.

Although I have a degree in accounting and have been practicing the profession for over 15 years, my need for creativity has led me to the beautiful world of designing jewelry. Since 2011 I have been showcasing my handmade designs on the blog Fauxbilicious with my latest project being "the koutali project", upcycled and unconventional jewelry made of vintage cutlery (“koutali” means spoon in greek).

My passion for handmade jewelry though made me discover one more greater passion: that of blogging! This blog is the place where I express myself through my writings and through photography. It's the place where I share new discoveries and pieces of my life. But mostly it's the place which inspires me to stay happy. Since 2016 it has obtained a new id and is now called Mrs Fauxbilicious! 

Enjoy your stay!

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